Sonia Apondi
4 min readNov 9, 2020


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When growing up we continually had numerous dreams of what we aspired to be. Our parents and guardians encouraged us to follow our dreams. Due to this, most people ended up pursuing courses based on their childhood dreams i.e. Pilot, Doctor, Engineering, Law and Musician among others.

As time went by, this kept on changing as we prepared to move into the job marketplace. The reality hits us when we send in many application letters with no response or regret letter. Bearing this in mind, we ought to think that employers are unfair. Have ever thought of what it takes to persuade a potential employer? Your grades and certificates won’t get you far but proving your superpowers and natural skills to an employer will. Being able to demonstrate to an employer your value addition to his/ her company through providing solutions to challenges they face would place you a notch higher on their game.

If our grades and certificates won’t help, what does? Well, I’m glad you asked. We need to approach our dream jobs differently not because of our certificates or grades. We should be able to use our skills and core values to do the work. Indeed! Value addition is inevitable at the workplace.

This is a common phrase that I have come across with at my workplace. Having worked for a few years, I discovered that employers value employees who are creative, agile and able to adopt in a challenging environment. One should approach their careers by spotting gaps and act on them.

In life, we should look for work that has a greater sense of control that protects us against the demands of the position. Work that we are good at and can handle without struggling.

Having a very undemanding job is bad and boring. Partaking mandates that exceed your abilities is bad too: they cause harmful stress. The sweet spot is where the responsibilities placed on you match your abilities with a fulfilling challenge. One should seek out a supportive context and meaningful work, and then challenge themselves.

In future, I would want to work in the industry of Finance, and supplies. These are areas that requires me to have a greater sense of integrity and accuracy as I handle the tasks.

Several people have different perspectives on what makes a fulfilling career. I say a gratifying career permits me to offer and achieve the highest level of service without being denied the opportunity to utilize all my skills and gifts. To work as an Accountant would fulfil my career dream.

Most upcoming Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) do not have proper record keeping systems. Not having record keeping systems leads to poor tracking of expenditures resulting to unforeseen loses, not being able to track payments from customers and incapability of tracking orders from suppliers could result to losing potential investors.

Example of a Poor Record Keeping

To help bridge this gaps, I will use my bookkeeping skills to help upcoming SMEs organize and manage their books of accounts. I intend to create an online platform to train the upcoming Small Medium Enterprises on how to file their tax returns, NHIF and NSSF returns. Enlighten them on the importance of bookkeeping and keeping records. Being able to help them with writing their financial reports.

Building financial systems through using my financial knowledge to help Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) create financial systems in place. These can be shared with their suppliers and customers to make payments.

Good record Management for a Business

I believe a dream job is one that gives one an opportunity to provide value on their job such as providing room for identifying gaps, sharing the same with the top management and providing solutions to close the gaps if it is within the employees reach. It should provide an environment for continuous learning, sharing ideas and continuous growth i.e. have mechanisms where one can frequently learn on the job.

There isn’t a job fulfilling like a job that impacts on the lives of others positively. My dream job is one that would enable me to work with people, give back to the society and see the lives of those that I serve change. I’d love my job to shape people’s lives and put smiles into their faces. My future aspiration is to do a job that provides me with an opportunity to solve problems and serve others.

No business thrives without customers’ satisfaction. I love serving people and I desire to work in a position that upholds customer satisfaction, which allows me to serve customers directly, ask for service and product feedback from them to generally make them feel good about the services offered them.

My oh my ! have you thought of what it takes to pursue your dream job ? Well I’ll leave you with this quote from Harriet Tubman :’’ Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world’’ .For me it’s a life changing and an eye opening opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. Everyone deserves an opportunity to do what they are passionate about.