Ideas to Consider for Charity Fundraising

Sonia Apondi
5 min readDec 10, 2020


For charities, one of the most important concerns is coming up with ways to raise funds to support their specific cause. There are diverse ways you’ll capture people’s interest and teach them about your cause, while raising money at an equivalent time. I.e. Mohamed is a student. One day he met a young child begging at the streets. He had compassion on her. From that day onwards, he made it his habit to help the less fortunate. However, he faced a challenge of raising money for the needy. Are you Mohamed with similar problems or are you willing to support the needy? You don’t need to worry. Here are some notable ideas for helping your charity raise its profile and boost its income.

Peer- Peer Fundraising:

It enables donors to persuade their friends and family to engage a big number of community in their fundraising effort. Due to this, one grows their community and empower existing supporters to go above and beyond a modest donation. Supporters are capable of creating fundraising pages, reach out and appeal to their friends and family to give. Fundraisers leverages on their social network to boost funds and awareness.

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Crowdfunding campaigns are an excellent way to engage an outsized population of small dollar donors. They work well when paired with annual fundraising events and non-profits have the potential to go viral and raise a lot of funds.

It’s a popular online platform for fundraising employed by corporate organizations and non-profits. Donation-based crowdfunding is implemented by most non-profit organizations. To get the most out of this, one should post regular updates, share via e-mail, and on social media. It helps get non-profits known to potential donors that otherwise wouldn’t have known about their organization.

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Individual Donations

They make up to 72% of charitable contribution. Donations can be minimal , very big, or in between. They are outlined below:

i ) Online GivingIt has never been easier to contribute to a non-profit organization. In the past, individuals would need to physically hand over their donations or send it through mail. COVID-19 Pandemic has made most non-profits across the planet to adopt online giving platforms. These are platforms where donors can reach out to support a worthy project impacting lives of individuals.

Due to this, it’s evident that NPOS and charity organizations will need to implement the new norm. Coronavirus has changed the traditional methods of fundraising and foolproof methods that nonprofit professionals relied on are out of question. NPOS were forced to postpone their meetings with donors, cancel their events and find out a way to continue raising funds within the period of social distance. Some of the online platforms to be adopted are:

a) One Cause

Provides many solutions for charities and non-profits to help facilitate their online fundraising efforts. Their platform provides Mobil bidding for auctions, events & ticketing, virtual fundraising and online giving. Its aim is to make sure NPOS reach their fundraising objectives.

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b) Fundly

It gives non-profits a reasonable thanks to raise money. Fundly is employed to create a stunning page with photos or videos that show supporters how their money is functioning for the great of others. This platform gives you access to mobile-friendly designs to make sure all users have a positive experience.

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c) HandBid

Their platform is user-friendly with easy setup. It has puzzle projects where supporters can buy pieces of a puzzle as their donation. HandBid assists non-profits to arrange virtual auctions. Followers can watch an auction through a live stream and make bids from their phone or computer. It’s a mobile app available for auction bidding.

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d) Classy

A web and online fundraising platform for charities and other non-profit organizations. It allows one to share testimonials about the impact that donations make in their organization. Classy does brisk business on Giving Tuesday and even provides every non-profit on the platform with a fanatical resource to provide additional fundraising ideas for non-profits.

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ii) Monthly GivingMonthly giving is a smart way to create a sustainable stream of revenue at your non-profit. Having reliable monthly income allows organizations to plan for a long term thus escape from the financial state of mind of feast and famine. Monthly donors have higher retention rates than the overall giving community and ultimately give more in their donor lifetime.

Fundraising Events

They are events or campaigns whose primary source is to boost money for a cause, charity or non-profit organizations (Wikipedia). The common types of fundraising events are charity run/walks, auctions, and galas. These events offer non-profits a chance to interact and involve their community to increase their funds through tickets, merchandise, and in-person donations. I.e. An organization’s end-of-year gala selling tickets to their event, obtain sponsorships from local businesses, and solicit major gifts from key supporters.

Donation by text drive

Text Drives are events that allow participants to contribute funds via their cellular devices. The text message includes an immediate link to donate along with information on the charity and where their money goes. It’s a simple and straightforward add-on to the other charity effort you produce. Enables one to gather phone numbers from attendees and, with their permission, add them to their marketing list.

In a nutshell ,I recently did my research to understand some of the fundraising techniques for NPOs and charity organizations. People should not be afraid to use some of this methods to fundraise for their organizations. I will use the information gathered to enlighten my colleagues at my workplace to consider embracing some of the ideas for fundraising.