Sonia Apondi
4 min readNov 11, 2020


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Have we ever asked ourselves what it takes for one to be successful? Success with no struggle isn’t fruitful. Once you look across the world, successful entrepreneurs, televangelists, politicians and celebrities have a story to narrate behind their journey of success. Most of these people have stories which can inspire one to dream big towards their journey of success.

Dare to Dream BIG isn’t just a mantra that you should mindlessly chant to yourself; it’s how of life. Once you’ll dream something and envision it with all of your mind to work out, and you pursue that dream with a wild spirit that doesn’t die or waver, you can accomplish anything. There are so many people out there that have dared to dream big and have brought their dreams into reality, but I wanted to shed some light on one notable person who have done so.

Image by TEDX at the Woodlands

Dorothy Ombajo is the founding father of Ombajo and Company and the Country Director at Pangea Network Kenya. Over the last 10 years, she has used her Law Firm to provide justice to the voiceless. As an individual’s rights attorney, she has dreamt of a society where justice can be provided to everyone without limitation. She is a gifted trainer who is enthusiastic about mentoring women and dealing with the youth at Pangea Network Kenya. Her primary role is to oversee and provide education, training and structural support to the cooperatives.

Growing up in the village and working with Christ the King in Kibera as a human rights lawyer, she discovered that most women living in informal settlements and rural areas had no one to fight for them. Due to this, she has been able to use her human rights skills to enlighten women in those areas about their gender roles, advocating for their rights and equality within their households.

She is a firm believer of the old saying by Cherie Blair that ‘’When you empower a woman, you empower a family, a community, and indeed a nation’’. She dreams of a society where women will tend to be given equal opportunities to steer and serve this country with none bias or discrimination.

Most women in regions where she has trained are been able to take up leadership positions within their cooperatives, communities, families and stand up for their rights. Her passion towards empowering women has enabled her travel abroad to share compelling messages about the ladies she work with. They are women who cannot read or write. Most of them live in rural areas, are single mothers, and have at minimum three children, five or six.

A jovial Dorothy posing for a photo with the women after training.

The year 2017, marked a turning point in her life and career as an individual. She was by TEDx Youth the Woodlands to share stories of the Kenyan women she work with.

My idea of success has always been finding my true North, purpose and working towards achieving it. Having the ability to use my career to make a difference in the society and at the same time transform lives just like Dorothy Ombajo. In future, I’d wish to assist upcoming SMEs organize their books of accounts and enlighten them on the importance of fantastic record keeping.

I would also like to mentor the youth in my rural area as a way of giving back to the community. At the moment, I have mentored the youth we work with under the Sponsorship Program through motivation and providing them with guidance when necessary .

I am a person who resonates well with the quote from the Late Nelson Mandela that says: ‘’without education, our youngsters can never really meet the challenges they face. So it’s vital to educate children and explain to them that they should play a role in their country. The youth and our kids are the future leaders of tomorrow. When given the proper tools and education they will be ready to play an important role hence make a difference in the society.

I dream of a society or community where each child will have equal access to education irrespective of their background and gender. As an individual, I will be able to deem myself successful when I manage to change the lives of my fellow youth through mentorship, advocating for their education and having the power to use my career to serve others in my community.